Savannah Trower and husband Ryan recently moved to Seymour and Savannah teaches at Seymour Community School. Savannah is in her 1st term of service on the City Council. 

Clint Housh is a lifelong resident of this area graduating from Seymour High School, living in Centerville for a time. Recently he and wife Kerri built a home in Seymour and is now in his first term of City Council service. Clint is a Vice-President in family-owned business Lockridge, Inc.

Council Member Lisa Banks-Carter

​     I am a graduate of Seymour High School and am employed at Wayne County Hospital as both an EMT and a Registered Nurse. This is my second term of service on the City Council.

​    ​I am the owner The Short Bus Garden Center and my husband Rich and I are co-Owners of 2 Many Chiefs Concessions.  Recently I became a licensed in Iowa Realtor with Bogle Realty, volunteer with the Seymour Fire Department as a First Responder & a Fire Fighter and I also have coached youth softball for many years.

     Richard and Lisa have 2 daughters, Sarah Carter-Jones and Samantha Carter and son Seth and 4 grandchildren.

​     Continuous progression in the restoration of existing housing or new housing as well as pursuing every avenue to bring new business to town is my focus. We cannot hope to bring people to this town with neither jobs or a desirable place for them to live.


Council Member Savannah Trower​

​​​Mayor Caleb Housh

​     Caleb is a 1996 graduate of Seymour High School and then went on to graduate from the University of Central Missouri in 2002. He was elected to the Seymour City Council in 2008 and then Mayor in 2010. He is currently Sales and Credit Manager of Lockridge, Inc.


​     Caleb and his wife, Hilary have three children, Connor, Coley and Cain.

Council Member Clint Housh

Council Member Tom Rembe

      My late wife Sherry and I moved to Seymour nearly 40 years ago  to begin our teaching careers and raise our daughter, Cam, then 5 years old. I taught Jr High science for 8 years then up to High school science for 25 more before retiring in 2010. In the late 1980's I decided to run for a seat on the City Council following in the footsteps of my grandfather who had told me that "Everybody should do it once!". I've served on the Council almost continuously ever since.
       After Sherry passed away in 2012, enduring a courageous 10 year battle with breast cancer, I was elected to a seat in 2013 on the School Board. I greatly enjoy serving this community in these two capacities.
     In between meetings I indulge myself hunting, fishing, playing golf as well as attending the sports activities of my grandson, Thad Hill. My daughter and her husband Tom teach High school English and Math respectively in Centerville.

      I will continue to work to improve the "underground infrastructure", keep the water and sewer systems up to date as well as keeping our fire department equipped to meet the ever increasing demands at the state level. Probably the hardest thing is finding enough money in our small budget to upgrade our city streets with the ever increasing costs of fuel, equipment and manpower.  

Council Member Clayton Merritt.

Clayton Merritt is a graduate of Seymour High School and is in his first term of City Council Service. Currently employed at Wayne County Hospital, Clayton recently graduated from IHCC with his ADN.