​    OCTOBER 8-14 2017

Fire Safety Week was held at the Seymour Fire Station with all the kids walking to the station at scheduled times. Fire Fighter Lisa and Fire Fighter Rodney were present to conduct some fire safety instruction and answer questions. The classes toured the station, looked at the trucks and also participated in the ever population smoke room escape. Although the smoke room is meant to be a fun activity, the instruction during the smoke room escape will be a lesson the kids will carry with them and remember if ever faced with the situation of having to exit a house fire.

The kids at the Care Center as well as the School building also participated in a Fire Drill to assure they were clear as to procedure in the event of a fire at their respective building. Fire Fighter Chase assisted with the fire drills at each school 


OCTOBER 4-10, 2015

All classes from 6th grade down were hosted at the Fire Station by Fire Fighter Lisa, Fire Fighter Mike, Fire Fighter Rodney and Officer Rich. Demonstrations and practice of Stop, Drop and Roll were conducted as well as the ever popular escape from the smoke filled room. This is an activity to teach the kids to crawl next to a wall and stay low to aid them in knowing what to do in the case of a fire in their home. Although it is designed to be a fun activity, it is the hopes that if ever in the situation, they will remember this activity and use with skill to help them.  


OCTOBER 5-11, 2014

The Seymour Fire Station hosted all classes at the Fire Station in honor of Fire Safety week. Education was provided to the kids by Fire Fighter Lisa, Fire Fighter Gregory and Fire Fighter Rodney. All classes participated in a coloring contest and prizes will be awarded at a later date. 


   OCTOBER 7-13 2018

Each class from 3 year old pre-school to 6th grade came to the Fire Station on Wednesday morning and talked with Firefighter Lisa and Firefighter Rodney, as well as Officer Rich about a variety of topics. Some of the discussions included Stop, Drop and Roll, Bicycle Safety, Escape Plans, Texting and Driving, Potential Volunteer Opportunities with the Department, etc. The students were also given a tour of the Fire Station as well as the fire trucks.  All classes were then assisted and instructed on how to "Get Low and Crawl" when exiting a smoke filled room. This activity is always a favorite with the kids and provides potential life-saving instruction in the event of a house fire. 

​Seymour Fire Department


OCTOBER 9-15, 2016

Fire Fighter Lisa, Fire Fighter Rodney and Fire Fighter Clayton traveled to the school to visit each Elementary Class to talk about escape plans, smoke detector battery changes, the smoke filled room escape and answered questions from the students. Each class participated in a coloring contest earlier in the week and the pages will be judged at a later date.

A couple of fire drills and teaching activities were conducted at the school to assist the teachers and students with procedures for exiting the school during the event of a fire situation.